Coronavirus Update

A message from the folks at Flylight Media

Greetings friends,

As the global state of Coronavirus evolves, and the U.S bands together to help minimize the effects of this nasty virus, we wanted to find a way we could help chip in. We put our heads together, and felt that there was no better way for us to help than to help our clients get their own message out to their friends, family and clients.

For that reason, we're offering all of our clients a free Coronavirus page template on your website that will help you get your message out to your own people. We realize not all industries may need this type of message, but felt that many of you would benefit from having a page to address you or your company's position and policies on this global event. This could include steps you're taking to minimize risk, scheduling for classes or events and other work policies you'd like your own customers to be aware of.

What will this page look like? Similar to this one. We've set up a form down below to help us facilitate this effort.  If this type of page applies to you or your industry, please fill out the form down below, and we'll get a page up for you!

For header images, head over to or and download an image to upload in the form down below.

As always, thanks for being a Flylight Media client, and we hope you and your family stay safe during this global event.

Best Wishes,

The Flylight Team


Coronavirus Page Request

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Info we need to build the page!

Primary heading. For us, it's "Coronavirus Update"

One line before the message. For us, it is "A message from the Flylight Media folks". Feel free to copy us!

Upload a high-res picture. You may find free images on or Note - if you aren't sure, leave this empty and we'll give you a hand!

Please enter the full message, we recommend in a letter format. (e.g Dear Friends, xyz). Please feel free to copy ours, and modify to your specific message!

We'll add a button to your home page that looks similar to the button on

If you look at our primary navigation, you will see "Covid-19" page. This page can be hidden if you plan on emailing it to people instead, or we can add to your navigation.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Direct message for us, or other anything you'd like to add!