How It Works

A simple, powerful tool for your business.
  • customer scans QR code on your lokaly card...

    customer scans your QR Code
  • ...and posts a review for you on the spot

    customer leaves a positive review on mobile device
  • each card also has a trackable short-link...

    customer uses our short-link
  • ...letting them leave a review on any device

    customer posts a review on a laptop
customer scans QR code on your lokaly card...
Customer scans QR Code
...and posts a review for you on the spot
customer leaves a positive review on mobile device
each card also has a trackable short-link...
customer uses our short-link
...letting them leave a review on any device
customer posts a review on a laptop

Customizing Lokaly Cards for Your Business

Which review sites should your Lokaly Cards point to? Most local businesses need a strong Google Places presence—and the more review or social networking sites your business is on, the better. There are also industry specific sites you should consider (see below).

Why It Works

Let's start with the facts.

Online Reviews Matter

No matter what type of local business you own, prospective customers (or patients) are checking review sites such as Yelp and Google Places before they commit to your products or services. Search engines also factor the quality of reviews in local search results.

The 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. There's no denying that having many positive reviews will get you noticed.

You Already Have Fans

If you operate a successful & reputable business, you already have a healthy supply of satisfied customers that would be more than happy to leave you a positive review. They are your fans!

To achieve a strong review site presence, it's important that you capitalize on this plentiful source of glowing reviews. It's easier than you think! Simply ask your customers for a review at a time when they want to help you—just after you've delivered excellent service.

If your business doesn't have plenty of positive reviews, you risk having a single negative review tarnish your online reputation.

The key to attracting glowing reviews is to ask customers for a review at the best possible time and then make it very easy for them to write one.

Lokaly puts you in control

Lokaly Cards are designed to make it as easy as possible for a customer to publish a review for your business while they have the most positive impression of you. Lokaly empowers you to attract good reviews!

According to the Principle of Reciprocity, people are much more likely to do something for you immediately after you've done something for them. So after making sure that you have delivered excellent service, simply ask your customers to write a review for you as you hand them a Lokaly Card.

Lokaly Cards have trackable short links & QR codes (for mobile devices) that instantly direct your fans to write & publish a review. No need to browse or search. They are designed to make the process as easy & painless as possible.

Lokaly Cards remove obstacles to positive reviews, cutting out needless steps for customers by linking directly to your review site page.

  1. Additional Benefits

  2. Get More Reviews: Handed out at the right time, Lokaly Cards make it simple for customers to leave you glowing reviews.
  3. Mitigate Negative Reviews: Bad reviews hurt. Alleviate the pain by overwhelming them with a flood of positive reviews.
  4. Click Tracking: Our own custom short-link domain ( allows us to track how many people access your review sites through the short-links & QR codes on your Lokaly cards.
  5. A/B Testing: Continually improve results by randomly distributing two different versions of your Lokaly Cards and then picking a winner. For best results, repeat.
  6. Improve Online Search Visibility: Improve & enhance local search results for your business with strong review site presence.
  7. Build On Your Seo Investment: Lokaly is a powerful and inexpensive way to supplement Search Engine Optimization.

What You Get

Custom Lokaly Cards.


Also available in postcard size. Click a card below to flip it over.

Front Design

(Business Card Size)


This is the front-side of a Lokaly Card we designed for a client that wanted a "business card" look on the front. This project included logo design.

Back Design

(Google Places)


This is the back side of the card. In this case, both the short link and the QR code lead directly to the client's Google Places page, where the happy patient can leave an excellent review :-)

Back - Design Two

(Everyday Health)


An alternate backside design. This card was set up for Everyday Health rather than a major review site. Everyday Health is a site that allows patients to post reviews on doctors and dentists.

Terms & Conditions


You can expect design, printing & shipping time to take about 2 weeks from the time you submit your logo files, links, and copy. We plan to offer priority service in the coming months.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be a happy customer. If you are not satisfied with your Cue Cards for any reason, simply return your cards within 30 days and we will re-design and re-print them at no cost.

Required Materials

Once you place an order, we'll send you an email with a list of materials we'll need to get started on your cards, such as your logo, 25-35 words of copy, and links to your review site pages.

Order Now

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Starter Package

250 Cue Cards



Review Site



Basic Package

750 Cue Cards



Review Sites

(250 Cue Cards per site)


Power Package

1500 Cue Cards



Review Sites

(or A/B Test 3 sites)


Reorder Pricing

Re-orders qualify for discount pricing. Call 603.267.0077 to place a re-order.


We offer $5 flat-rate shipping on all orders to the continental US. Shipping internationally? Call us.

Custom Lokaly Orders

If you have any sizing or finishing requirements such as die-cutting, special paper stock, and non-paper items, or just need cards for multiple salespeople, we can handle that. Simply call or email us before you order.

Lokaly A/B Testing

To improve the effectiveness of your Lokaly Cue Cards, we offer a custom split-testing program to test two versions of your card. We'll track their response rates and pick the most effective one. Call 603.267.0077 for more information.


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